McDonald’s Animal Style Fries Mukbang - An Overview

McDonald's fries are one of my all time favorite fast food fries so after watching they are made by a couple of YouTubers In-n-Out Animal Style, I HAD to try it! And they were uhmazinggg... Thank you, Veronica and Sophia with this brilliant idea!

Halloween is around the corner so get back in shape and I will clean up my act!

Have you heard of a"mukbang" or"eating show" before? I discovered that the trend. The concept is simple: eat before the camera. While they eat, telling stories and letting people into their personal 16, some people today talk. Others remain silent and focus their efforts. I personally am entertained by it all, and I shall try out all facets of this tendency in time.

So, how did I land on McDonalds first? I believe a part of me has been craving a Big Mac and needing an excuse. I also think since most everyone has access this can appeal to a lot of people. Additionally, it was time I tried that Szechuan sauce to find out what the fuss is all about!

I am dying to know what you guys think about it. By watching as I am, McDonald’s Animal Style Fries Mukbang people eat, are you entertained? Could you watch it for hours on end like me? Can it help it become worse at the exact same time in the way that is best and fulfill your appetite? I have to know if I'm the only one!

Have McDonalds sauce tried yet? If so, what did you think? Do you think it would try, Otherwise? I wish to know all of it, so tell me everything in the comments below! Have any thoughts or feelings about this review or any others? Tell me in the remarks below as well!

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